Bulk Space Club Live Resin Disposables


Order bulk | Live Resin Disposables directly from Space Club Disposables. 100 count per box 

Note: 15% discount on all wholesale orders 

How To Order

  • To place and order first choose if you are ordering wholesale,  1G carts.
  • choose the quantity and flovors you need. Add products to cart.
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Order bulk Live Resin Disposables

Buy space club online What is that makes each marijuana strain so special and distinctive? Terpenes! Terpenes have long been known to be the compounds liable for giving marijuana plants their special aroma and taste.Anyway, more recently,researchers have come to believe that the terpene profile of a marijuana strain may also affect the high it produces and the psychoactive and therapeutic effects it generates. Full1g live resin disposables

Available Flavors

Apple Rings | berry Gelato | Blueberry pebbles |grape gushermango mimosapineapple diezelStrowberry shotcakeSuper lemon hazeWatermelon runtz

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50 Carts, 100 carts, 200 carts, 300 carts, 400 carts


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